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We’re inspired.

Here at Collaborative Medical Technology Corporation (CMTC), we’ve been dedicated to one thing for the past decade: Developing the disruptive and innovative information technology solutions necessary to facilitate a sustainable global healthcare system.

Our mission is ultimately to advance patient experience and outcomes by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

We haven’t shifted from that core mission, but as the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system accelerates, it’s inspiring us to transform as well. We’ve been busy innovating to keep up with the changing healthcare environment and technological advances.

With the rapid advancement of technology over the past three years, CMTC has re-engineered its entire solutions suite to operate from secure, cloud-based computing. We developed the Physician Collaboration Platform (PCP), on which we’ve built five applications designed to help close some vital gaps in the current healthcare system:

  • Gaps in compatibility between hospital systems
  • Gaps that prevent physicians from getting the right clinical data and images when they need them
  • Gaps in easy physician and clinician collaboration
  • Gaps in easy physician and clinician collaboration
  • Gaps in getting fast, accurate second opinions
  • Gaps between doctors’ expertise in different geographic areas
  • Gaps in patient access to the right specialist

– and the list continues.

Our vision at CMTC is to support “Medicine Without Boundaries”. We offer a secure and simple system that allows physicians and patients to connect with each other anywhere, using tools and protocols that help ensure each physician has all the relevant information and expert consultations to offer each patient the appropriate care.

As we embark on the launch of our new website to showcase our cloud-based platform and applications, we’re excited to share how we’re helping accelerate the transformation of healthcare for patients and providers everywhere.

We’ll be using our blog to talk about the latest news, including advances in the CMTC suite of solutions as well as the healthcare transformation in general. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, too. Send us an email using our Contact page to share your ideas and inspiration.

Simon Schurr
CEO & Chairman
Collaborative Medical Technology Corporation


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