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  • Identify and deploy a flexible, user friendly and secure healthcare technology platform to support the growth and expansion of PinnacleCare’s Virtual Consult Service without a need for ongoing IT support, significant new staff or new IT systems.
  • Streamline, automate and intelligently organize medical data from multiple different sources for case review and expert opinion in a cost effective, high quality service for PinnacleCare clients.
  • Attract top tier academic centers of excellence to provide remote consultation services in an efficient manner so that the consultants are satisfied and the institutions are able to extend their reach and add a new revenue stream.


PinnacleCare selected CMTC’s vConsult Physician Collaboration Platform. CMTC customized the vConsult app according to PinnacleCare’s specified clinical workflow procedures and need to incorporate a diversity of medical data.


  • Streamlined communication among PinnacleCare case specialists, centers of excellence throughout the US and their leading specialist physicians.
  • Created the capacity to pull data from multiple different imaging and medical record sources and to electronically and securely share that information as a focused clinical case.
  • Provided the ability to pull relevant data from providers into the platform for review and then to push the data into the consulting institution for a patient referral when appropriate.
  • Leveraged the expertise of leading physician experts for the benefit of the patient without having to travel for an opinion and without the consultant having to be tied to a specific computer or location for case review.
  • Provided a new revenue stream to institutions, thereby growing and strengthening PinnacleCare relationships for patient referrals.

“The new vConsult 4.0 represents an exciting revolution in medical communication and delivery of care. It enables the efficient organization of a case, including medical records and images, so that a consultant may review the case securely anytime from anywhere. Whether the purpose is rendering a remote second opinion or streamlining referrals, the vConsult platform is both simple to use and yet technologically sophisticated. This is clearly a win-win for everyone.”

Miles Varn, MD

Chief Medical Officer, PinnacleCare

“I have been working with PinnacleCare using CMTC Virtual Consultations and believe it has helped extend the reach of our experience and expertise through a highly-informed, efficient and technologically advanced service.”

Mark Brown, MD

Chairman Emeritus of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine

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