The Solution Suite puts you in charge of Medicine Without Boundaries

Intelligent Patient Charts

Triage, diagnose and treat patients more effectively and efficiently with on-demand access to vital clinical data and images integrated from multiple sources and organized using a logical structure.

Streamlined Referrals

Tap into a vast network of expertise instantly using structured and simplified consults via workflows and templates that follow a customizable, protocol-driven format.

Confident Collaboration

Get the right information to the right person right away using a secure platform for referral management, integrated communications and automated alerts based on pre-defined parameters.

Enhanced Networking

Gain entry into a network of top clinicians, diagnosticians and other experts locally, regionally and globally allowing you to give and get the best medical advice anywhere.

Unlimited Access

Discover the freedom to access information, images and communication tools and receive alerts via any Internet-enabled device, integrated with existing clinical information systems.

Making it easier to improve patient outcomes with confident critical decisions.

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