Physician Collaboration Platform

CMTC has designed and developed a unique cloud-based platform and purpose-built apps that will revolutionize the way hospitals, healthcare professionals, payers and patients communicate, collaborate and share relevant patient clinical data anywhere and at anytime.

Applications developed on CMTC’s Physician Collaboration Platform add critical functionality to existing EMR and telemedicine packages. These tools support optimal medical care by ensuring the right specialist has the right information at the right time. In-market apps facilitate triage, diagnosis, referrals, second opinions, treatment selection/scheduling and follow ups. The apps provide a secure cloud-based environment for sharing all the relevant information and images in a structured presentation format tailored to the medical protocol.


Current Applications


  • Helps find the best doctor for diagnostic and treatment referrals, creating opportunities to give or get expert consultations
  • Allows searches to be initiated by physicians, clinicians, administrators and even patients
  • Provides a tool for creating a robust directory of preferred consulting physicians
  • Allows organizations to manage multiple physician and specialty communities through a single resource
  • Delivers robust search performance using semantic matching to target conditions, procedures, providers and service lines


  • Delivers a turn-key virtual consultation and “intelligent” referral management capability that enables cross-enterprise referral management and authorization solutions
  • Provides structured data capture and a secure exchange of clinical patient information
  • Enables a customized consultation workflow with text alerts for pre-determined critical parameters
  • Facilitates collaboration and continuity via a secure communications engine


  • Enables physician-to-physician or patient-initiated requests for a medical second opinion regarding a diagnosis or treatment protocol
  • Permits clinical data and diagnostic image sharing via a structured-data template according to medical condition parameters
  • Allows multiple specialists to be invited to consult on the same case


  • Manages patient information via an integrated personal health record
  • Delivers the most relevant and current patient data, according to standard or customized protocols
  • Allows integration of data from various formats, including electronic medical records, scanned documents or manual entry


  • Enables the exchange and sharing of diagnostic-quality imagines (DICOM) from remote and disparate systems into home clinical information systems from any location globally
  • Allows access to images via a secure cloud-based network to any location with internet access

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